Mind Games and Don’t Trust Jeff Newman


Following an incredible debut at last Fringe World and a five-city Canadian tour throughout 2017, Mentalist Jeff Newman is bringing his critically acclaimed hit show Mind Games and world premiere Don’t Trust Jeff Newman to FRINGE WORLD 2018 from 27 January.

Fan favourite Jeff Newman will mess with your head in Mind Games. He will influence your thoughts. He’ll predict what you’ll do before you even know you’re doing it. He will even read the minds of his audience live on stage. He’ll fool you badly, and you’ll love every minute of it.

“It’s a fun show that’s always filled with laughs, gasps, and cheers as well as a lot of how did he do that“, Newman says.

In addition to bringing Mind Games back to FRINGE WORLD, Newman will present the world premiere of his new production Don’t Trust Jeff Newman, combining science, suggestion, and good old-fashioned trickery with humour and charm. Jeff Newman is a mind-reader, magician, and professional liar. But the one thing he doesn’t lie about is that he’s going to fool you.

“We wanted to create a show that takes the idea of deception and trickery to the next level,” Newman says, “Don’t Trust Jeff Newman will leave audiences questioning everything they thought they knew.”

Mind Games 27 January – 11 February
Don’t Trust Jeff Newman 13-25 February
The Supper Room, Perth Town Hall