Review: Elixir

Elixir has stolen my heart as my favourite show of Fringe so far!

This was an incredible circus performance like no other as we follow three scientists searching for the elixir of life.

Throughout the show the story develops from a zombie apocalypse before each of the acrobats drink different elixirs that brings to life their strength, comedy and stamina and proceed to wow the audience.

The performers had lots of fun on stage and this created a charisma and connection which had me laughing one minute and gasping and cheering the next.

The clown of the trio is Rowan who makes the whole audience laugh hysterically before stealing the show with his ‘roue cyr’ mono wheel routine.

Thomas Gorham plays Dr Wolfgang who shows off his amazing acrobatics from one arm handstands to breakdancing.

Cal Harris wowed us with his acrobatics, balancing acts, beatboxing and a lot of showing off with his muscle flexing.

With an amazing set, sci-fi inspired artificial intelligent voice over and of course three very attractive, acrobatic men Elixir takes you on a journey of fun, comedy and amazing tricks. This show is not to be missed!

Join the boys on a journey filled with innuendos, amazing acrobatics, hilarious shenanigans and sweaty muscles don’t be disappointed and miss out on Elixir!


The West Australian Spiegeltent at the Pleasure Garden
13–26 Feb at 7pm

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