Review: By A Thread

Circus is always popular at Fringe and By a Thread is unique in the way the seven acrobats use 30 metres of rope in every aspect of the show.

The rope is used in many different ways including as a swing, tightrope and even passed to each acrobat while doing a handstand.

The trust the acrobats have for each other is incredible.

Hoisting each other into the air, they perform aerial tricks which are graceful and stunning to watch, effortlessly climbing the rope, supporting their body weight with one arm on the rope and even hanging by their feet.

They demonstrate playfulness and trust with each other creating a metaphor of friendship as they give and take to create a mesmerizing performance.

They always look like they’re having fun with their facial expressions adding to the playful aspect of the show.

The gracefulness, strength and trust these acrobats have for each other is amazing as they captivate the audience.

It was a fringe circus show like no other – don’t miss this one – you’ll be roped in!

By a Thread

12-25 February at 8.15pm
The Big Top at The Pleasure Garden

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