Closed: Wright has done it again with Darkest Hour

It seems to be the year for World War II films with films such as Dunkirk, Churchill and Their Finest Hours to name a few which have been released.

When Darkest Hour was announced I was excited to see it as director Joe Wright is one of my favourites (I wrote many of my film essays on him throughout university).

The film is set in the early days of World War II with the imminent fall of France and Britain is facing its darkest hour with the threat of invasion looming.

Current Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is forced to resign after he loses the confidence of his party. The Conservative Party wishes to appoint Lord Halifax as the next Prime Minister, but he turned down the position.

Winston Churchill, though not well liked by either Chamberlain, Halifax or even King George VI is asked to form a government.

Not only does Churchill have to face the seemingly unstoppable forces of the Nazi’s he also has the task of manoeuvring his political rivals. Churchill rallied the people of Britain with his infamous “We will fight them on the beaches speech” and the successful evacuation of Dunkirk.


It was a tense time in the history of Britain and Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill I believe is the performance of his career. Many people in the industry predict an Oscar nomination for him.

One of my favourite scenes was Churchill riding the underground on his way to Westminster, I also loved how they incorporated Churchill’s famous quote, “All babies look like me Madam.”

Other famous faces in the film include, Kristen Scott Thomas as Clementine Churchill, Ben Mendelsohn as King George IV, Lily James as Churchill’s personal secretary Elizabeth Layton and Stephen Dillane as Lord Halifax.

Wright has hit the mark again with the dramatic and inspiring tale set over four weeks in May of 1940. This period of time would change the course of history and cement Churchill into our hearts and minds forever.

In Cinemas 11 January 2018.

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