Penguin Long Weekend Literary Festival

Penguin Books

This long weekend you might be further away from the campgrounds, barbecues or beaches than you’d planned.

But in times of adversity, arts and literature have always pulled us through.

Penguin Random House Australia invites you to attend the Penguin Long Weekend Literary Festival from the comfort of your own home from 8 April.

They have pulled together an exciting line of some of their most beloved authors to discuss their new books, and these talks range from 10-15 minutes. No maps or wristbands required.

All videos are available to be streamed online via YouTube here: 

Authors appearing at the Penguin Long Weekend Literary Festival: 

1Tom Keneally on The Dickens Boy 

2Nicole Alexander on The Cedar Tree 

3Katherine Scholes on The Beautiful Mother

4Liam Pieper on Sweetness and Light 

5Minnie Darke on The Lost Love Song 

6Bernard Gallate on The Origin of Me 

Please note the streams will vary in quality and sound as the authors have recorded these from home in isolation.