Local author’s evocative stories of people, place, animals and environment – Pushing Back

Pushing Back

John Kinsella’s collection of short stories showcases human nature at its best and its worst. He challenges our own presumptions and assumptions regarding human behaviour and how society prejudges situations due to preconceived ideas of stereotypes and stereotypical attitudes. 

The author’s insight into the lives of others and his skilful shaping of the observations has resulted in this brilliant and haunting look at the complex yet indomitable spirit of our society. 

Many of these stories will linger in your memory long after you have read them. In my case The Little Red Car does just that. I can’t forget it simply because it turned my thought process upside down. The little red car is carrying four boys all high on amphetamines intent on terrorising tourists on the Nullarbor. They discussed tape and murder and packed into the car are baseball bats, an axe and machete, the tools of their trade. 

After failing to carry out their plan on a young family they stopped a campervan ready to attack the elderly couple inside. Now, dear reader you are probably thinking that this couple are done for, you may be visualising a stereotypical pair of old dears sweet and harmless and extremely traumatised by the unfolding events. But what ensures with this encounter begs the questions just who were the ice-cold psychopaths in this riveting and quite disturbing tale from John Kinsella. 

He hones his craft to perfection, his rich vocabulary and unforgettable imagery makes him a master of his art. 

Published by Transit Lounge.
RRP $29.99 available at all good bookstores.