It’s time to think about Christmas decorating

I HOPE you have been enjoying what spring has offered us so far.

For those of you who have had moved house I do hope that you have settled in and that my ideas and suggestions have assisted you in some way.

For those of you refreshing the look of your existing home, I hope that your home has taken on some new style and order and is bringing you a renewed sense of enjoyment.

The jacaranda’s are out in all their glory and thus begins in earnest what is my very favourite time of the year. I love November.

The year now picks up pace and we start to cast our minds upon Christmas.

So Christmas, and yes, I do know its only November, but I love this time of year.

I do understand for a lot of people it becomes a season that is overwhelming. I am hoping that this month I can offer some ideas to make it simpler for you by firstly encouraging you to embrace the season and welcome it into your home.

I know most of us have a tree, or some Christmas decorations that we have collected over the years, but sometimes it’s good to start afresh and keep it simple.

It does not matter if the tree is small or even is a table centre piece. Even if you have the room to accommodate a larger tree, decorate it simply and choose a theme that will carry through to a table setting.

Firstly pick a fresh colour palette in green, gold or white.

Choose simple decorations that compliment the interior scheme of your home.

My Christmas tree, much to my children’s chagrin, is something of a different interpretation.

I have a large frame (from Bunnings that covers a climbing potted plant, which resembles the Eiffel Tower) that I have covered in fairy lights. On being plugged in and switched on it becomes an instant Christmas tree.

On the table I have a large bunch of twisted willow branches in a beautiful large George Jenson vase that I decorate for Christmas, Easter and Christmas in July.

During the year the branches are bare and remain as a centre piece. It is quite streamlined and simple, mainly due to lack of space.

For me its just about creating that Christmas spirit and feeling which is the most important thing.

How that translates to you can be as simple as purchasing a beautiful Poinsettia plant and placing it some where.

This Christmas, treat yourself to some placemats and perhaps a candle or two that brings everything together. It does not take much but make sure the look you put together is neat and coordinated.

Choose your theme, be it gold and white, pink and silver, traditional red and green or sage green and copper.

Christmas is a time to reach out and touch base with friends, family and neighbours we may not have had time to see during the year. It’s the perfect time to give your time to people and entertaining is a wonderful way to do this.

As far as entertaining is concerned think about twilight drinks and a platter or even a decadent breakfast instead of the traditional lunch for a change. This is simple and light fare that doesn’t require hours of shopping and preparation.

Christmas is something to celebrate if just to acknowledge it as the family season and the year that has been and what that brought to you.

I do hope this has given you some inspiration to start planning ahead now and that come December you’ll feel super organised and in the Christmas spirit.

Zofia offers an interior style consultation for readers. She may be able to assist with de-cluttering, restyling, choosing what pieces of furniture to take and of course personal styling. She offers a special rate for Have a Go News’ readers and she knows how to style on a budget. For those who would like to contact Zofia call her on 0406 336 607 or email