Tennis Seniors WA

Tennis Seniors WA

The Veterans Tennis Association of Western Australia (Inc) was founded in 1972. The trading name was changed to Tennis Veterans Western Australia (TVWA) in 1998; and subsequently to Tennis Seniors Western Australia (TSWA) in 2006. The objectives of the Association are:

To promote and encourage seniors, irrespective of standard, to play and continue to play tennis.
To encourage the playing of tennis by seniors in the spirit of love and enjoyment of the game and to promote facilities for the playing of the game.
To promote and encourage the holding of events, within Western Australia and elsewhere, for senior tennis players.
To become a division of the Tennis Seniors Association of Australia and to work in conjunction with the Association and other divisions thereof.
To manage and develop the tennis centre at Robertson Park, Fitzgerald Street, Perth, for use by members of the Association and by the general public.

Contact Person
Debra Kirk
Phone Number
9228 2918
9328 6422
9228 2919