South West Orienteering Trekkers


The aim in orienteering is to navigate your way around a course with a series of checkpoints called controls. The course is marked on a map provided by the organisers.

The controls are placed on definite features such as track and creek junctions, a fence bend or by a distinctive boulder.

The site is marked with an orange and white flag which has a punch attached.

You use this to mark a control card you carry to show you have been there.

The skill in orienteering is in choosing the best route between controls while beginners’ courses may not offer choice, as you progress you will learn to decide between options   perhaps over a hill or a longer route which goes round it.

The accurate ‘tortoise’ is usually quicker than the ‘hare’ who darts off and makes mistakes in navigation.

Orienteering events provide a range of courses to cater for all participants. The courses are graded by age, by length and the amount of navigation required.

Typically there are shorter courses for beginners and for younger & older people; these follow ‘handrail features’ (tracks, creeks, fences) through to ones designed to appeal to the fit and navigationally experienced, using more contour features.

Orienteering provides a special environment, in that the same event caters for all ages, for social and recreational participants as well as the more competitive, for families who can all go to the same event. If you want you can do the course in pairs or in a small group. A special attraction is that every course is different.

Orienteering is a sport for everyone, whatever their age and experience. Elite orienteers and recreational orienteers, men and women, young children and over 90-year-olds can enjoy the sport together. Orienteering is a sport for the whole family – a real sport for all.

The fastest will not always be the winner. You have to choose the best route between the control points and find the markers quickly through good navigation techniques and awareness of the terrain.

There will be seven events held mainly around Bunbury streets and parks during February and March. Registration is at 3.30 pm for a 4pm start. From April until September, we have bush events with 1pm starts.

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