Sandgroper Caravanners Inc.

Sandgroper Caravanners Inc.

The Sandgroper Caravan Club Inc was formed in late 1999 and caters for mostly retired or near to retirement folks who own either a pop top or a full size caravan.  The Club will consider membership applications from folks who own other types of RV however currently membership is limited to a maximum of 40 RV's. Neither does the Club cater for companion animals during Rallies.

The Club organises monthly Rallies, generally not more than 200km from Perth, although longer distances are some times organised where a long week end or a Special Event is planned (Kulin Bush Races, Boyup Brook Country Music Festival, Club Safari for example). Officially a Rally starts on a Friday afternoon and finishes on a Sunday Morning (for an ordinary weekend rally), however many of our Members like to arrive at the Venue on a Wednesday or a Thursday and leave on a Monday or a Tuesday.

Each Rally is hosted by a volunteer Member who takes the responsibility for organising some activities for the Rally. Participation in these activities is optional and could include things like visits to places of interest, picnics and other such easy and relaxing pastimes.  Evening entertainment might include quiz nights, games nights and such.

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