Gosnells Croquet Club

Gosnells Croquet Club

Gosnells is a friendly club. Members assist you, and make your games enjoyable, and the club arranges coaching for members.

Playing Days are:

Association Croquet: Tuesdays and Saturdays: 9am-noon (winter) 8.30am -11.30am (summer)

Golf Croquet: Mondays and Thursdays: 8.30am-noon (winter) 8am-11.30am (summer)

Social games between members are played on these days, and throughout the year competitions are held for Club Championships in single and double play for both versions of the game.

In addition, members compete for the Club Championship in Association and Golf Croquet and the Morgan's Mug, and Le Comte Trophy each year.

The Club also hosts the Gosnells Twelve Tournament annually in May or June.

There are many social Events associated with the Club

Phone Number
9398 6551