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I recommend the following when travelling – Jen Merigan

Travel editor Jen Merigan aboard an A380 travelling to Beijing on China Southern Airlines

Travel editor Jen Merigan aboard an A380 travelling to Beijing on China Southern Airlines

Travel insurance

Don’t forget to ensure you are fully covered whenever you travel. You should ensure that your insurance covers your belongings and your (and your family/partner) as well as your travel arrangements. And make sure you read the fine print in the policy. It is well worth shopping around for the best policy. Age loadings apply depending on the company but it is well worth paying the extra for insurance. Don’t leave home without insurance no matter what your age!

When travelling overseas ensure you take a stock of basic medicines including anti-vomiting medicine, anti-diarrhoea medicine, dehydration formula, general painkillers and a small first aid kit. Also ensure you visit your doctor prior to ensure you are up to date with boosters for TB, polio, and other general immunizations that may be required when visiting certain countries.

To prevent your clothes from creasing slide pieces of tissue paper or plastic from dry cleaning between your clothes, it works well in preventing creases. And remember to mix and match your clothes, so you don’t take unnecessary items. A pre trip list is a great idea so you don’t forget important items such as your camera.

Packing to come home
Remember when packing your case to return to Australia that you ensure that any items that need to be declared to customs are all packed together. This saves time when going through customs and quarantine. Also when in doubt about an item just declare it.

Before leaving on a trip always photocopy passports, tickets and visas prior to departure. Ensure you give a copy of your documents to a friend or family member and take a copy of the documents with you which are placed away from your original documents. If you can take an emergency credit card as well ensure it is packed away from your wallet so if your bags are stolen or lost you have access to money and copies of the important documents to expedite replacements.

The best thing to avoid jetlag is to stay well hydrated with water and to eat light meals while in flight. If you can try and sleep on longer legs of the flight it will help your body adjust better to a new time zone.


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