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Travel Editor
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Let’s go Travelling

The Let’s go Travelling section of Have a Go News is the largest travel liftout produced specifically for the mature demographic in Western Australia. Our interaction with our readers ensures that we are the most ‘picked’ up free newspaper in the state which in turn achieves excellent results for our advertisers.
 Our travel stories cover the world from the diversity of Western Australia to the far reaches of the earth such as the Arctic, we have writers filing stories from all over the globe – and these writers are all mature travellers.

Caravan and Camping grows in popularity each year and our readers who love this lifestyle are catered for each month in the lift out too. Join us in our travel section each month and discover the freedom of travel in your mature years.

Enjoy watching some of our videos from recent trips…

The Samaya Experience in Bali


Swimming with whales in Tonga


Courtyard at Marriott Bali


Talking Travel

Whether you have travelled extensively, or just a little, talking about travel is one of life’s great pleasures. If you would like to join the group and ‘talk travel’, you are very welcome to come along. At the talks readers have the opportunity to exchange travel information and stories in an informal and friendly setting where your contributions are welcomed and encouraged. The groups number in size from 15 to not more than 25 so everyone has a chance to share their travel experiences.




We’re here to help…

Please feel free to contact our travel editor Jen Merigan with any questions relating to travel. She has an excellent knowledge of the travel industry and looks forward to helping Have a Go News’ readers in any way.


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